New Roof Construction

New Construction Roofing

Call Alfred’s Roofing today for unbeatable roofing services from the Pacific Northwest’s best roofing company.

Alfred’s Roofing is a new construction roofing in the Yacolt, WA area, with a goal to pair unbeatable services with unmatched customer service. 

Our expert contractors treat our customers’ homes like our own, working hard at every appointment to ensure our roofing repair, installation, and inspection services are as high quality as you deserve. Meanwhile, we’ll treat you to clear communication, competitive pricing, and friendly smiles through every step of our work.

Roofing Repair

Nobody knows how much strain inclement weather puts on roofing better than Pacific Northwest homeowners. Yacolt, WA, residents and their homes must endure constant rain, heavy winds, and the occasional snowfall, each with the potential to cause water damage and structural failings.

Alfred’s Roofing is the new construction roofing in the Yacolt, WA area, that offers comprehensive repair services that will bring your damaged roof to full strength no matter the climate. We train our expert roof contractors to handle all types of common and irregular roof damage, so there isn’t a repair service we can’t provide.

Some of our standard roof repair services include:

Shingle Repair and Replacement

Shingles are your roof’s most important protector against moisture. They shield your roof deck from rain and snow and redirect water away from your home to prevent water damage. Unfortunately, Yacolt weather can wear shingles down, damaging or tearing them off your roof entirely.

Our repair team at Alfred’s Roofing restores damaged shingles to full strength and can replace your missing ones with high-quality asphalt shingles.

Leak Repair

Water damage will weaken your roof’s foundation and cause cracks to form, and the next time heavy rainfall hits, those cracks will turn into leaks that stain your interior flooring and walls and damage your paint.

We can quickly patch up your roof leak to ensure the water damage doesn’t contaminate your living spaces. Additionally, our team focuses on quality over speed, so we guarantee your roof’s cracks will remain sealed for the long haul. 

Additional Roof Fixture Repair

Your roof’s chimney, vents, and other extra features are as prone to wear and tear as your roof, and we believe that a roofing company should focus as much on them as anything else. That’s why we’ll fix your rusted or water-damaged roofing features as a part of our standard repair services.

New Roof Replacement and Installation

Alfred’s Roofing is the best local roofing contractor in Yacolt, WA, not just because we offer unbeatable repairs but because we’re also the best roof installers in the Pacific Northwest.

We custom-build your roof to fit your home perfectly and offer several high-quality roofing materials. 

Though our services are always at your disposal, not every homeowner knows when they should schedule repairs for their current roof or call us to install a new one. However, any of the following issues are clear signs that you need new roofing installation today:

  • Missing shingles: A handful of missing shingles is typically a job for our repair team. However, if you’ve lost an entire layer of shingles, it’s likely the sign of a weak roof that you should tear out and replace with our professional roof installation services.
  • Warped or rotten wood: Rotting and warped wood is a telltale sign that you need a new roof. Our team will remove all the damaged areas and equip your home with a new, high-quality roofing system built to last the next ten years without extensive repairs. 
  • Roof leaks: Our team patches up roof leaks as part of our standard repair services. However, if you have multiple roof leaks or regularly forming leaks, it could be because of an overly worn down roof overdue for replacement.

Roofing Inspection

Our team of professional roofers has the skills, knowledge, and dedication needed for high-end, reliable roofing services. We use that skill during our roofing inspection services, where we scan your roof for all of the following damages:

  • Water damage
  • Shingle health 
  • General roof wear and tear
  • Gutter blockages

After inspecting your roof, we’ll offer same-day repairs on all the below-par areas we identified. 

Local Roofing Contractor Near Me

Alfred’s Roofing is the answer to all your panicked “best roofing contractor near me” internet searches. As the leading new construction roofing company in the Yacolt area, we know that homeowners need a trustworthy, reliable team of roofers to handle their home’s exterior repairs. We proudly help homeowners with all their roofing needs.

Call Alfred’s Roofing in Yacolt, WA, today at (360) 605-5851 to schedule roof repair, maintenance, or installation.




Residential Roofing
Residential Roofing
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They showed up quickly and performed outstanding work. Old cedar roof transformed to a beautiful tile roof. Everyone was professional, truly recommend to anyone.

Emily K.

Residential Roofing
Residential Roofing
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Alfred’s roofing was very accommodating to what I had asked for on my roof. They finished extremely fast and really used the time they had to finish. I can’t recommend enough!

Meghan S.

Residential Roofing
Residential Roofing
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We were so happy with the roof! Quick and timely! Fabulous customer service!

Jessica S.