Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement Services in Vancouver WA

Few home projects are larger than replacing an entire roof, however, it is a necessity that will eventually have to take addressed with any home. If your roof’s aging is obvious, or you start to notice visible signs of damage, there is a good chance that regular repairs and maintenance won’t do the job anymore.

Alfred’s Roofing Company is your residential roofing authority for Yacolt WA and the surrounding areas. We have an extensive portfolio of roofing materials and options along with experience working on roofs all over Washington. We make sure your home is protected with a roof prepared to withstand the harsh North West winters.

Roofs might look like indestructible forces from a distance, but when you consider how tough their jobs are, it’s no wonder they’re prone to damage, especially in Washington. With all the rain, heavy winds, and occasional snowfall Yacolt throws its way; you’ll likely need to repair or replace your roof every decade to protect your home from the inclement weather.

That’s where Alfred’s Roofing comes in. When you schedule our expert roof replacement services, our expert contractors will tear out your failing fixture and replace it with a heavy-duty new roof in any type of roofing material you want.  

Signs That You Need to Call a Roofing Contractor

There are a few key signs that indicate the need for a professional roofing service.

Roof Leaks

A leaking roof isn’t just annoying; it’s a clear sign that your roof is too worn down to handle excessive weight and protect you from the weather.

You cannot ignore roof leaks, even minor ones. Any crack in the foundation is a sign that your roof isn’t up to the task and could collapse if you don’t treat it soon. Additionally, leaks will drip water into your living space and cause interior water damage if you ignore them.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles protect your roof from inclement weather. If any are missing, your roof won’t have any protection against harmful rainfall. 

Our team can repair your damaged shingles or replace the missing ones at a competitive price.

Warping or Visible Wear and Tear

Water damage isn’t as prevalent in metal roofing, but homeowners with wooden roofs struggle with it in Yacolt, WA’s rainy climate. Water can seep into your roof’s structure and cause the wood to warp or buckle. Both instances are detrimental and clear signs that you need a roof replacement.

Studying your roof pitch is a reliable way to check for bucking or warping. A roof pitch is the angle your roof slopes upward to its apex; if the pitch is uneven or above or below its original slope, it could be because water damage has warped or buckled your wooden roof.

How Our Roof Company Works

We won’t show up at your home and immediately tear out your old roof like less thorough roofing contractors might. Instead, we’ll start with a complete roof inspection that uncovers all your roof’s issues and determines what services you need. 

We’ll do everything possible to keep your old roof intact. However, if the elements have worn it down beyond repair, we’ll quickly install a new one.

Beyond our commitment to accurate work, roof replacement services at Alfred’s Roofing have several advantages, including:

  • Roofs available in several materials
  • Speedy service so that you can use your home again quickly
  • Custom-built designs that perfectly fit your home
  • Soundproof and energy-efficient roofing options

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Not all damage or wear and tear means you need to take your entire roof out. Sometimes, simple spot fixes will repair your existing roof to full strength, in addition to saving you time and money. 

Calling your local roofing contractors at Alfred’s Roofing is the most accurate way to tell what service you need. However, you can gauge the severity of your roof’s issues yourself with these three criteria:

  • Age: Most roofs last a decade with minimal issues in the Yacolt, WA, weather elements. If your roof is less than ten years old but has wear and tear problems, you’re likely fine settling for roof repair. However, every year after that ten-year mark makes you a greater candidate for complete roof replacement.
  • Shingles: The health of your shingles is a strong indicator of your roof’s overall health. For example, if your roof loses a handful of shingles, it’s likely a wear and tear issue caused by inclement weather that roof repair will fix. However, if a full layer of shingles falls off, it’s likely because your roof is too weak for your home.
  • Roof deck health: If the top layer of your roof shows signs of wear and tear, but the roof deck looks fine, you probably only need repairs. However, a rotten or warped roof deck is a clear sign of water damage that requires complete roof replacement.

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