What’s Inspected During a Storm Damage Roof Inspection?

Storm Damage Roof Inspection

Every time a strong storm blows through your area, there’s a good chance that your house may sustain some roof damage. Depending on the storm’s severity, the damage may be mild or extensive. Either way, you won’t know for sure until you have your roof checked by a professional. If you’re looking for such services, our Yacolt roofing company is well-equipped to provide you with world-class roof inspection services.

Do You Need a Professional Roof Inspection?

Some homeowners think they can handle a roof inspection. After all, it’s just about determining whether or not your roof is damaged, right?

The reality is a little different. Roofing damage may not be apparent, especially to an untrained professional. For example, dents to your mailbox could indicate storm damage to your roof. This is because a storm that’s strong enough to cause dents to your mailbox will likely have caused some roof damage along the way. Of course, you won’t know this without the right training and experience. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals to perform any roof inspection.

You also need professional roof inspection services after a storm to help with any insurance issues. If you’ve got home insurance, your insurance provider will likely cover the storm damage after their adjuster verifies your claim. However, the insurance company will need to know that the roof damage was caused by the storm and not by some other pre-existing roofing condition. That’s another reason for hiring a roofing company after a storm. Their inspection provides a professional opinion that can be acceptable to your insurance company. Choosing to perform the roof inspection yourself could inadvertently result in more damage. This, of course, may nullify any claims you file with the insurance company later on.

What Do Professional Roofers Look For During a Roof Inspection After a Storm?

Once you’ve called in roofing professionals for an inspection, they’ll start by inspecting all the things around your property. As mentioned, something as mundane as dents on your mailbox could be one of the indicators of storm damage to your roof. In addition to these, the signs of storm damage that can be inferred from other house structures include:

i) Shingles lying around

ii) Damaged or missing siding

iii) Splatter marks on the AC unit

iv) Cracked or broken glass on the windows

Any of the above signs could indicate that the storm has caused some roof damage. However, the professional roofer will need to ascertain this. This means going up on the roof to inspect it and all its adjacent structures.

The following are the things that they look out for:

1) Dents in Gutters

Your house gutters are important structures that help to drain rainwater. Given their proximity to the roof, damage to one could indicate damage to another. The professional roofer will inspect the gutters for any signs of dents or dings.

The presence of granules in the gutter could also be a good indicator of roof damage. Granules are tiny rock particles with which the shingles are coated. Their excessive presence in the gutters could mean the shingle surfaces have been compromised. Of course, an older roof will have excessive granules peeling off. Only a roofing professional can determine whether or not the excessive granules in the gutters are the r the roof’s age or storm damage.

2) Condition of the Shingles or Tiles

Generally, tiled roofs are more resistant to weather elements like storms. However, they can still be damaged. The roof inspector will examine the tiles for any signs of cracks or displacement.

Shingles tend to be less robust than tiles. As such, they’re more likely to sustain damage after a severe storm. The roofing professional will look out for any signs of damage. For instance, if the shingles are lifted or creased, it could mean the roof’s integrity is compromised. Similarly, missing shingles could also indicate roof damage. These are all legitimate things to point out to your insurance provider later on. Large chunks of hail can also cause dings to the shingles and compromise the underlying roof surface. The roof inspector will examine all such issues.

3) Damaged Roof Flashing and Vents

Roof flashings are metallic straps used to secure protrusions of roofing systems from water damage. Roof vents are part of the house’s ventilation system. The roofing professional will inspect these structures for any signs of damage. Hail storms can damage these structures. At the very least, they can cause dents. The presence of dents means that the storm was bad enough to compromise other roofing structures.

These are the main things that a roofing professional will inspect once they get on the roof. Of course, several other adjacent structures could also be compromised. For instance, the eaves may be bent out of shape, indicating a severe storm that battered them.

Sometimes, the roofing damage is so obvious that it may seem unnecessary to call in a professional roofing company. For example, if there is a gaping hole in the roof through which you can see outside, this is clear proof of roof damage. However, you’ll still need to contact a professional roofing company for the inspection. This ensures that such damage is well documented by a professional in case of any insurance claims later on.

What About During the Storm?

Sometimes, roof damage begins to happen during the storm itself. For example, heavy rains may start with violent storms, causing roof damage instantly. You may notice water getting into the house through the compromised roof sections. While calling in a roofing professional is the best thing to do, you’ll need to ensure your safety and limit any damage first. If possible, cover the leaking roof section to avoid further roof and water damage. Stay clear of the room where the roof leakage is while you wait for a professional roofing company.

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